Comprehensive portable appliance safety testing in Epsom

UK PAT is a professional and specialist company offering a host of PAT Testing solutions in Epsom, Ewell, Stoneleigh, or the wider parts of Surrey. We enable companies, businesses, landlords, schools, factories, shops, and other commercial operations remain compliant and promote a safe working or living environment.

Electrical appliances can cause accidents in both rental homes and offices that can cause serious injury and in the worst cases, can be fatal. Portable appliance testing, known as PAT Testing, is the process of inspecting any appliances to ensure that they are safe for use. As well as a visual check, each piece of equipment will undergo a detailed diagnostic test using advanced equipment.

The benefits of PAT Testing include:

  • Reducing the chances of fires or electrical accidents in the workplace
  • Ensuring electrical appliances provided to tenants in rental properties are safe
  • Helps you comply with safety regulations including the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Electricity at Work Regulations
  • Increases the lifespan of appliances by identifying and resolving electrical defects
  • Ensures that you comply with insurance requirements
  • Saves you money and time in the long-run

Alongside electrical appliance testing, our company completes energy performance certificates (EPCs) for homes and rental properties. We also conduct Legionella Risk Assessments to ensure your water systems are safe.

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PAT Test contractors near Ewell

PAT Testing stands for portable appliance testing and its main purpose is to find faults that may lead to users of the appliance getting an electric shock or the appliance causing a fire. It is an important part of a company’s or landlord’s responsibility to health and safety policy.

Our experienced PAT Testing contractors near Ewell, Epsom, or Hook, can complete PAT Testing in all types of workplaces.

There are many types of appliances that require testing. These include:

  • Portable appliances including toasters, fan heaters, and vacuum cleaners
  • Moveable equipment such as air conditioning units and electric fires
  • Handheld appliances including hair-dryers and power tools, including drills and soldering irons
  • Stationary equipment, such as fridges or washing machines.
  • Fixed equipment like towel heaters or rails.
  • Extension leads
  • Business and IT equipment including telephones, printers, and power packs

Our experience covers a whole range of business sectors, including offices, retail, healthcare, schools and colleges, government and council bodies, manufacturing and factories, transport, and financial institutions. We complete all different types of tests including 3 phase PAT Tests, 16a PAT Tests, 32a PAT Tests, and 63a PAT Tests. If you are wondering how to prepare for a PAT Test, our team will be able to tell you.

GU21 domestic and commercial PAT Testing

We believe that we offer our domestic and commercial customers in Epsom an unrivalled service when it comes to PAT Testing.

  • We use the latest calibrated equipment to complete all PAT Tests accurately and efficiently
  • We are members of PAT TA, the PAT Testing trade body
  • Our service is designed to be easy to use, with a drop-off and wait service available
  • We are an established appliance testing company with an excellent reputation – see our Checkatrade reviews
  • We can provide appliance testing at a time to suit and outside of normal working hours if required
  • We offer competitive rates with no hidden charges and free quotes at any time
  • Minor repairs and retesting included in the price, such as rewiring incorrect connections

We work in Epsom including :-

  • Ashtead
  • Chessington
  • Epsom Downs
  • Hook
  • Stoneleigh

Do you need EPC energy certificates or EPCs for rental properties in Epsom?

We provide Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) throughout Epsom for rental properties and other homes that are about to be put onto the market. These are now a legal requirement and an important tool in trying to reduce carbon emissions and promote energy efficiency.

There is a scale system from A to G to determine the efficiency of a property and the certificate will also include information on how to make the property more energy-efficient. We provide EPCs for sellers who are marketing their homes and EPCs for landlords so prospective tenants can access that information. Certificates are valid for 10 years and we also provide energy certificate renewals. Our EPC surveyors are always available to answer any questions.

For more information on electrical PAT testing or house EPCs, please get in touch

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